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Peru, Indiana design studio shares Frequently Asked Questions about branding design | Sweet Pickins Studio's FAQs about logo design, brand development, printing services, logo files, revisions

Branding FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need a consultation?

A. We love to hear your ideas and expectations of your design project. A consultation allows us to get a feel for the personality of your business / organization. Whether on the phone or in person, we will ask questions that will better help us serve your design needs - like who your target customer is, what services you provide, what existing products you offer, etc.

Q. How much do you charge?

A. Our hourly design fee is $75/hour. We are happy to give an estimate based on your project specifications.

Q. What is classified as a "revision"?

A. A revision is a one-time change to your design file. For example, you may change the color, typeface, or size of an element within your logo proof.

Q. What is a "Branding Guide One Sheet"?

A. A Branding Guide One Sheet is a one page PDF that guides you through your logo package. It is a visual reference to show your different logo variations, file types, color profiles and font styles. You may include a copy of the one sheet when sending your logo to producers, printers, media outlets and anyone who may use your logo in print or online.

Q. How long will my design job take?

A. We have included rough estimates for our design packages here. If you have chosen an ala Carte design item, feel free to ask us at the time of your consultation. Depending on our project load, a project can take anywhere from two days (i.e. label design) to 6 weeks (web site).

Q. What file types do you provide for logo designs?

A. We generally provide .jpg, .png, .eps, and .pdf files for each logo variation. You would receive 4 files of the black logo, 4 files of the one color version, and 4 files of the full color version. We would be happy to consult with you about which file type to use for a specific project.

Q. What is a "proof sheet"? Why do I need to sign it?

A. A proof sheet is a written agreement verifying if your supplied proof is

  • Ok to Finalize
  • Proceed with Changes
  • Make Changes as Directed

The proof sheet needs to be signed prior to receiving your final design files / product.

Q. Do you offer printing?

A. We do offer third-party printing services for many items - like business cards, brochures, banners and more. You may also take your provided design to a full service printer of your choice or use an office supply chain that offers printing service.