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My Happy Place

Creativity in the Garden

Zinnia Garden | Peru, Indiana

Keeping my creative juices flowing isn't always easy - especially when life is so busy. I stepped out of the office the other afternoon to clear my head and headed to my happy place.

Butterfly in Zinnia Garden | Sweet Pickins Studio Photography
Profusion Zinnias with Yellow Butterfly | Sweet Pickins Studio Photography

Profusion Zinnias with Yellow Butterfly | Sweet Pickins Studio Photography

While I'm juggling emails and software updates, doing the tedious work of running a small biz... THIS was going on right outside my door. I couldn't help but stop to smell the flowers.

Yellow Profusion Zinnias and Butterfly | Sweet Pickins Studio Garden Photography
Detail of Butterfly on Yellow Profusion Zinnia in Garden | Sweet Pickins Studio

I find inspiration in a lot of places. Nature never seems to disappoint. God has such an attention to detail. Color, texture and form ...

Bee and Zinnias in Garden | Sweet Pickins Studio Photography
Garden Photography by Sweet Pickins Studio 2018
Yellow Zinnia and Butterfly Close-Up
Shasta Daisies and Insect in Garden
Purple Coneflower Echinacea in the Garden
Hydrangea Bloom Close-Up | Peru, Indiana Garden Photography

Thanks to Garden Gate Greenhouse for all the beautiful magic going on in my garden!
Above: Shasta Daisies, Purple Coneflower and Hydrangea

Indiana Hummingbird on Feeder
Peru, Indiana Garden Photographer
Hummingbird Photography
Indiana Bird Photography

As I was snapping away at the butterflies covering the zinnias, this little guy swooped down to cautiously observe from atop of a yucca plant.

Yellow Profusion Zinnias

Yellow Profusion Zinnias

Hope you enjoyed a walk through my happy place!

Teen Portrait Session | Garden Photography

Teen Portrait Session

Margaret | Avon Gardens | Avon, Indiana

A beautiful location for such a beautiful girl!

speedway_mega040917354 copy.jpg

This natural beauty was a JOY to photograph! We had a blast wandering through the gorgeous Avon Gardens in Avon, Indiana. Even though summer won't be around much longer, this day will linger on in my mind. Beautiful textures, color and LIGHT!

Always a little girl at heart - this setting was magical and gave me the fairy tale garden glow that highlights her creative personality. Teens have the best props and accessories!

If you are interested in scheduling a portrait / lifestyle session for kids, teens or family, feel free to call or email us for availability and pricing.

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