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My Happy Place

Creativity in the Garden

 Zinnia Garden | Peru, Indiana

Keeping my creative juices flowing isn't always easy - especially when life is so busy. I stepped out of the office the other afternoon to clear my head and headed to my happy place.

 Butterfly in Zinnia Garden | Sweet Pickins Studio Photography
 Profusion Zinnias with Yellow Butterfly | Sweet Pickins Studio Photography

Profusion Zinnias with Yellow Butterfly | Sweet Pickins Studio Photography

While I'm juggling emails and software updates, doing the tedious work of running a small biz... THIS was going on right outside my door. I couldn't help but stop to smell the flowers.

 Yellow Profusion Zinnias and Butterfly | Sweet Pickins Studio Garden Photography
 Detail of Butterfly on Yellow Profusion Zinnia in Garden | Sweet Pickins Studio

I find inspiration in a lot of places. Nature never seems to disappoint. God has such an attention to detail. Color, texture and form ...

 Bee and Zinnias in Garden | Sweet Pickins Studio Photography
 Garden Photography by Sweet Pickins Studio 2018
 Yellow Zinnia and Butterfly Close-Up
 Shasta Daisies and Insect in Garden
 Purple Coneflower Echinacea in the Garden
 Hydrangea Bloom Close-Up | Peru, Indiana Garden Photography

Thanks to Garden Gate Greenhouse for all the beautiful magic going on in my garden!
Above: Shasta Daisies, Purple Coneflower and Hydrangea

 Indiana Hummingbird on Feeder
 Peru, Indiana Garden Photographer
 Hummingbird Photography
 Indiana Bird Photography

As I was snapping away at the butterflies covering the zinnias, this little guy swooped down to cautiously observe from atop of a yucca plant.

 Yellow Profusion Zinnias

Yellow Profusion Zinnias

Hope you enjoyed a walk through my happy place!